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    16 Feb 2015
    Gong xi Fa Cai Xin Nian Kuai Le Wan Shi Ru Yi.. Tahun kambing kayu, tahun penuh berkah, tahun keberuntungan.. Menyambut kemeriahan…

  • Tutorial style Koko Cici Krisbow
    10 Feb 2015
    Theme: The theme of the video is a tutorial on how to use Krisbow product. Where through this video will help customers who do…

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About e-shop Krisbow

The development of information technology today can be said at a very fast pace. It has become a very effective media to establish relationships and also exchange information. For businesses, utilization of information technology is very helpful, both in increasing time effectiveness and in cost efficiency. There is no exception for Kawan Lama, as it utilizes to the fullest extent information technology sophistication in its business expansion, notably to provide ease of service for its customers and business partners.

E-Shop Krisbow is evidence of such information technology utilization. With E-Shop facility, customers and business partners may acquire and access information directly regarding Krisbow’s line of products. The facility is designed in a way to simplify users and business partners that wish to quickly access Krisbow products.

Kawan Lama’s Krisbow products are the realization of our commitment to put the customer first. With the passing of time, with each passing each year Krisbow line of products have shown significant development to answer the markets needs and customer requests. To date, Krisbow has more than 10000 types of products within 24 different categories that are able to cater every need of industry sector, household and hobby.